Monday, 11 June 2007

Day158 Shrek 3

Shrek the Third
I saw part 3 of this super CG movie franchise today. There are always alot of things to admire and adore in the series dating right back to the first one all those years ago now. Number 3 doesnt take the story or the idea to anywhere exciting this time around, in a way it is just going through the motions on that front and has a slightly wishy-washy plot as apposed to the clarity of the first and second. There are hints that it could be an all out goodies vs the baddies affair - but it is much more about smaller personal battles and the bigger issues are just gravy.
That said there is some extended characterisation for a host of fairytale folk that fleshed out the world previously. My favourite is Sleeping Beauty who falls asleep all the time - awesome. Snow White has fun with her influence over nature and Merlin is a blast. Perhaps if they dove full into the King Arthur side then it may have made a better plot for us all.

[Promo image from Shrek 3]

There were plenty of refences to things made as is a feature of the series - my fave was the princesses and the bridge of Kazad Dum (though nobody around me laughed along with me - it doesnt even get a listing on Wikipedia :-)

Dreamworks manage to maintain a consistent look over the entire film from scenery to flames to creatures to the humans. The animation work is beautiful in almost all cases and is a real feature of the film. The believability of all the characters is all about this animation quality, from macro movements down to the subtle facial nuances or finger positions.
The graphical work had some showcase grassy environments filled with trees, water, wildlife and atmospherics. So even though some of it was gorgeous - that benchmark was set in the previous 2 films and this one just repeats the dose with some subtle niceties or impreovements.
Here are some examples that definately inspire:

[images from Shrek 3 from]


Fantastic Four Trailer
Trailers are always a treat when going to the movies - for me the standout this time around was without doubt Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer. The trailer is just an amazing piece of animation and effecs work as Johnny tries to fly-down the newly arrived Surfer through the city. It is fast, emotive and filled with all the CG/effects work I lust for - we are in for a treat.


Some sweet Tomb Raiding to finish up

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