Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Day160 UnrealEngine3

Unreal Engine 3
Yes, CryEngine2 may be going to amazing places - but lets not forget the amazing things that the mighty Unreal Engine can do as well. Even though little RoboBlitz doesnt show off the capabilities behind - these vids do! First off a couple of really short ones then some more extensive showing off.

Fluid effect first up - blimey:

And some physics including bending/deforming metal:

Here is a longer demo of some of the tech - the quality isnt so good - but at least we can see some of the great things the engine sports.
Note that the gameplay trailers for this look like junk to me - the idea of just charging around fragging doesnt appeal to me. I hope this game isnt too tainted by that logic, HalfLife2 took the FPS to new places of cinematic emersion that were inspired. Lets hope Unreal keeps things going forward somewhat [crosses fingers]


A little TombRaiding to finish up.

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