Thursday, 14 June 2007

Day161 Mac parallels and such

With my serious thinking about getting one of the nice new MacbookPro machines to help with my MDM it brings a host of other questions: what about Parallels, other VM solutions, bootcamp times, licensing and specs...

The ability to run Windows on a Mac burst upon the scene with the switch to the Intel platform. With Parallels came the ability to just switch between the 2 OSes but with a few shortcomings in early versions. I love this idea, the capacity to run all the software I love from either OS under the hood of the same sexy laptop is great.

Parallels version 3 has just arrived and now sports a host of new features. 3D ( with directx 8.1 is one and gets past one of the main problems of previous versions where the graphics capability under parallels was poor. Now even some games can run, but things still needs some improvement so we can get full hardware grunt running through directx9 (even10). Coherence ( looks very interesting with parallels making windows apps run so they appear to simply be inside the Mac desktop. The site says that we can now boot up a bootcamp partition into Parallels rather than requiring three OSes to get the job done (this I like and I hope it works this nicely). I think with this I could run OsX, then grab an app through parallels if needs be - but if performance is required or some some applications not supported through it then a reboot into bootcamp will give me the same apps and files.
That said I was wondering if I could just hybernate/suspend the various OSes while I 'reboot' into the other. This page ( says that is exactly what we 'were' going to get in leopard - but maybe not anymore. Well maybe not this nicely - but I would definately test a more manual process than this.
So how much RAM do I need to parallel a decent XP and OsX - 2GB seems to cope for most people I encountered in some Google searching.

Crossover ( is another player in all of this along with the VMware folk of course - interesting times.

Not that it covers this stuff particularly, but watching Steve Job's WWDC 2007 keynote ( does show off where Apple stands (esp with Leopard). Sometime the way Steve and the Apple advertising works really rubs me the wrong way - putting MS down at every opportunity in a really skewed way. I would much rather they say MS as just healthy competition in the market rather than teasing them at every turn - its really childish. That said, Apple are doing great things and I am kinda looking forward to playing with their stuff more.


Episode 20, in the future and simply stunning. The plot now weaves elastically through time via so many characters and there are jaw-dropping moments at every turn. While answers to questions come, the mystery expands at the same time. The characters unfold in snippets giving us the little pieces of their individual puzzles to make all the little threads work. Super fun!

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