Sunday, 17 June 2007

Day164 Mac things

Mac things
What would I want in a Mac on day 1?
I guess there are two ways to go - one is the pretty stock standard entry macbookpro15" with just the software that I need right now - Parallels & Maya, plus a mighty-mouse. This would cope with my current needs just fine, but may struggle to push the boundaries I am interested in. It will come in around the $3K mark somewhere which is just affordable. Warranty and extra bits will push this out even further...
Another approach is to step it up a notch on all fronts with something more like: 15" MacbookPro 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 256MB GeForce8600M GT, 160GB 7200rpm HDD, 2 x mighty-mouse, an extra adapter, parallels v3, Autodesk Maya 8.5, etc etc - this will cost a fortune though I am almost too scared to work it out.

Advertising - we all know the new Apple vs Windows ads that are everywhere. They are without doubt extremely clever in their own way. They show off a simplicity and understated watchability that is refreshing compared to most advertisng we see. However the ideas and realisation of the campaign itself rubs me the wrong way - it is quite misleading and/or false in its assault on Windows and the PC. It is unfortunate that Apple feels it needs to put down its competition in this way - I am sure there is some moral high-ground waiting to be taken. Microsoft are no saints as we know, but there is a tendancy to think of the Apple camp as 'nicer'.

Just for fun here is a link to some fun comparing the Apple ipod packaging to how Microsoft might do the same thing. I think this was actually done in jest by MS folk - either way it is great fun and as with much comedy, it reveals alot about the world.

This may be one of the key pieces of software throughout the MDM. The educational version of the full studio2 version is over $1000 while the Express version comes in at $250. The main differences are in the actual software included in the suites actually. I will see how things start off before diving into one of these. Maybe iMovie will get me part of the way there???

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