Monday, 18 June 2007

Day165 Crytek, Torchwood and the Mac

Another little peek around what Crytek ( is doing with the mighty CryEngine2. Just have a look at the real vs realtime comparisons here - just too good. The ability of the engine, the editor and some oviously talented folk at Crytek is bringing this area of computing to a point where the realtime emersion capability will have a feel far beyond the 'gamey CGness' that many people are used to. We will be able to get visualisation to a point where it can play a real role in design disciplines and not just in a playful schematic way. The model and the experience can cover details, environment, texture, lighting, mood and more.

[images from the Crytek site showing their realtime vs reference images]

Ep1 of the new Dr Who spinoff today. It wasnt bad - ticking along with just the barest of subtle references to its origins really. It didnt make a stunning first impression that makes it unmissable - but it was also entertaining in a nice Dr Whoish way. Not much special effects work on display thus far - perhaps more to come in future Eps...

the Mac
A further look at the Mac purchase - my plan now is to run Tiger with a bootcamp partition of Windows Vista Home Premium which I can also access from Parallels v3. That is the plan anyhow, if it works out then I will have Tiger and Vista on the macbookpro then XPpro on the M90 (all 3 OSes with a future upgrade to Leopard to come). Posts out there seem to say that this will work:
I had a look, wondering if by chance the new macbookpro machines were 64bit - alas they are just the 32 (it was worth a try). The Mac site doesnt even seem to say, which is interesting - anyhow, perhaps one day not too far away a laptop will sport grunt like the MacPro 8 core beasts :-)

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