Thursday, 21 June 2007

Day168 Heroes and ToDos

Ep21 - getting close to the season finale. The web of plots is weaving closer together as we get closer to the explosion. The future, past, and all the characters are slowly but surely touching each other, bringing us to somewhere special in just 2 Eps time. On the edge of my sea the entire time - Can't wait!
ToDo (Mac, storage, applications and movies)
There are plenty of little things to get done and worked through over the next two weeks.
The Mac purchase being by far the chunkiest (and scariest). The cost is growing all the time and it is hard to know how many of my eggs I should throw into that basket. Armed with say a 4K budget it starts to put the higher-end macbookpro out of reach and the extra memory. Once you add the software and peripherals it makes it hard to spec things up.
Mac Graphics
Really the only difference apart from the 2.2 to 2.4 chip between the 15" MacBookPros is the video memory (128 vs 256) Does this make any difference? Links like this one point to there being no difference and thus the large differencial in the cost looks less price-worthy: There may come a time when I may regret having just the 128 - but maybe Vista's shared memory model might come to my rescue?? Anyhow it looks like I will be going with the 2.2/128 and being happy I can double my memory!!
Portable storage
I will need to get some form of portable storage device above what I have thus far. I could go with say a 4GB+ usb flash drive or some sort of usb/firewire external drive instead (be it large like a 500GB beasie or go laptop size to make it more midgetey). Another alternative is something like an iPod video which could give me say 80GB and also give me a really mobile viewing platform for lectures and other learning material perhaps.
Application licenses
With my eyes being far larger than my tummy (read wallet) my software wishes are going to have to find another way. Even on the new Mac side a simple suite of Maya, Motionbuilder, Creative Suite3 and FinalCut is an astronomical amount of $$$ even at educational pricing. You can see why students use cracked versions of software when their software needs may add up to several thousands for licenses that only last for the one year. If you want to play by all the rules then software expenses skyrocket beyond most student's means. In reality what choices do students have if they want to replicate software configs in use through their courses in lab infrastructure.
There are a couple of movies out that I havent found the time to see yet that are essential viewing. Plus there are others right on the doorstep - I have to get onto this fast: Pirates 3; Fantastic Four 2; Bridge to Terabithia and soon the Transformers.

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