Friday, 22 June 2007

Day169 More on the Mac

Steve's Keynote
watched through Steve's Keynote ( from the WWDC again and it is kinda fun, showing off primarily Leopard and some of the sexy things coming our way. It was interesting to see the Safari demo - running at twice the speed of IE7 :-) Then there is the iPhone - sooo beautiful and it has the full Safari engine on it as well. Oooh and we get multi-touch and soo much web capability that makes this baby just soo nice. Maybe nice enough for me to not get an iPod now and just wait for one of these...
My Mac
The next step is to get my final pricing and package details - then get this baby. Apart from the outlay I am looking at on day1, there will be a hit in October (or after session perhaps) for Leopard and the iLife upgrade.
One thing on the list still to work out in detail before Monday is the memory upgrade. Apart from the crazy $981 educational price from Apple I have pricing at around $550 for it so far. But I could get it for less ( maybe.
Bill and Steve
Seeing these 2 giants together at All Things Digital 5 ( is very interesting. There is some tension there and some mutial respect of course. I like the way they talk about the commercials and that everyone seems to like PCguy (though Bill didnt seem to think that made it ok). My view is that Bill brought more vision to the conversation and less company-centric views on technologies that exist today and where they may go.

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