Monday, 25 June 2007

Day172 Digital Signage and exhibition

Looked at a range of Digital Signage over above what I had looked at before.

Had a play with Catchyoo's ( floor at CeBIT earlier in the year and it is quite attractive. It may lack any real usage or functionality - but it would still be a great way to welcome visitors to our spaces and to instill the future thinking and expressive nature of the work. Their floor ( accomodates a range of special effects which make it interactive. We played soccer, golf made footprint or water ripple effects and brushed things away to reveal more. In a design context it could be as simple as an interactive sign announcing a current exhibition or talk being given. It would certainly be fun on open day. They have a demo movie (just go to demo on their site of it running as a table as well - it could be fun as an interactive bench even.

Ubiq'winodow ( is a sort of touch screen type technology that actually doesnt require touch - just close proximity to any surface really. So it can be used for plasmas, rear projection or windows etc using infra-red detectors. I would have to play with it first to see if it was intuitive enough not having to actually touch the screen to get a response from the system. For a specially built application this may work ok with all the gestures etc - how well it works with whatever you have running is a different story (Sketchup or GoogleEarth for example)
Command ( here in Oz have a way for us to see the image on both sides of the glass which would be great ofr our front wall here in FBE.

NextWindow ( uses a glass panel in front of the screen area to provide the touch capability. This also protects the screen which could be useful to us. I like the idea of building the equipment into a solution, making it feel integrated and part of a spaces design. I am not so keen on the tech just being applied as an after-thought obviously, but in existing spaces this means greater expense to have displays properly installed.

[images from the NextWindow site of their product installed]

I have visited this sort of tech on a few occasions before:

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