Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Day173 Architectural Visualisation Supplement

3DWorld Supplement
My nice new issue of 3D World (Issue 93 http://www.3dworldmag.com/page/3dworld?entry=3d_world_issue_93_now) is here and it sports a whole supplement entitled Architectural Visualisation - perfect timing considering the work we have been doing. The nice glossy little mag played a good role at todays meeting highlighting the discipline we are involved with. It is sponsored by AutoDesk which definately flavours the content. Though some other apps like Cinema4D get a look-in, but on the whole it is dominated by 3Ds Max. The Cinema4D projects actually are very nice and stand out a little from the crowd actually. The main stars of the show really are the renderers though and mighty V-Ray dominates this area as is so often the case. Maxwell and others get a mention here and there, but V-Ray has taken over. Despite Maya getting a mention at the front end as being used - nobody in the content us using it in this field, it is all 3ds Max. Some of the text talks about a filmic/cinematic approach to visualisation and presentation - Maya may end up with a bigger role if that trend continues...

[cover image from the 3dworld site for their supplement]

The firms who are featured pretty much all have some nice work to show off. I will have to look them up in more detail as time goes by - plenty of inspiration to be seen. One thing that doesnt rate a mention at all is the realtime capability in this field. There are both the serious applications like Virtools plus our favourite game engines (HL2 etc) which can now produce beautiful results and in real-time. Extend this category to include the Unreal3 and Crytec2 engines and the need to hit that 'render' button may change...
Watched the first Tomb Raider movie the other day - has been a long time since I had seen it. It was lots of fun seeing how faithful the movie was to lots of the game which I now recall much batter having played Tomb Raider Anniversary. Ang makes a great Lara I think and really looks and sounds like her. Seeing the Manor in the movie (getting trashed as it does), plus the clothesand acrobatics just glued all these media together for me again. The ponytail, twin guns and the backpack etc can be seen in the shot below from TRA - lovely.

[screnshot of me playing TRA of Lara in her room]

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