Thursday, 28 June 2007

Day175 iHype & GoogleDocs

The iPhone Approacheth
First up - I am one of the people who love the idea of the iPhone and if the real things comes close to that idea and/or the hype then it will be awesome. Obviously it is a fair while (next year) before it comes to Australia - but in the US they are already lining up to get their hands on one of these babies. Yes, it is still over 2 days away - but that isnt stopping them ( I guess it is like some of the game and console releases.
We made a few jokes about the Apple stuff today (I can joke now that my new Mac is on its way) that they were powered by hype :-) That said Australia has (I believe) the greatest penetration of iPods in the world = more than Hype.
Anyhow, the Apple US site ( is all iPhone iPhone iPhone now and it looks beautiful. I am quite amazed how well Apple keep things as big as this so secretive and under wraps. The only 3 people I can recall having them were Steve and his iPhone dude in the keynote and the CEO of Google :-)
I will come back to the iPhone once the review start coming in a day or so.

Google Docs
There is a new interface for Google Docs - I noticed it today and it was a nice surprise. There doesnt seem to be much to the actual editor side, but the doc management bit is all new and clean. The new features ( include folder views and a small handful of other niceties.
It is nice the way a free application set like this has ongoing development that sees improvements just pop into view for all of us. Google do a great job with this model.

Just one more Ep to go now. The plot threads are all woven so tightly now that the heroes and other characters are falling like flies as the battle really begins. As always throughout the series I was on the edge of my seat - loving it!

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