Sunday, 1 July 2007

Day178 Powerhouse FX and sketchup

Powerhouse Museum Special FX Exhibition
Took kids off to see this little exhibition ( The main attractions were the blue screen effects where the kids got to climb walls, fall of buildings, perform in rock videos, cross lava bridges and more. Even though these were kinda simple and not perfect the kids loved every second of it, they got to act out a situation and see it live with the effects in place. Plus we could see the cameras and models that made the effect work which was nice. The exhibition had other little effects showing how film projectors and simpler devices worked which were fun. One of the interesting things to see was people wearign blue clothes - they pretty much end up invisible :-)

[image from the powerhouse site showing one of the blue-screen games]

Played with creating lighting patterns through multilayered buildings using the sun model.

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