Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Day181 ImagineFX August 2007

Imagine FX : August 2007
My nice new August issue ( is once again overflowing with beautiful work that inspires on so many levels.
The article begining on p20 on concept work for film is right on topic for me a the moment. There are some nice thoughts around the application of concept-design to this field. Matt Allsopp is quoted as "It's useful if you can quickly show your thinking in the form of a sketch. Other qualities include conveying drama, action, motion and depth in a single render" I think this idea of concept exploration is great for a studio.
I like the notion that a good understanding of the film making process is a bonus to the concept artist in pre or post production has strong parallels with Architecture and its related disciplines as well.

I am very fond of this pic (and his others for that matter) by Chester Ocampo (check out Imaginary Friends: or more specifically: This is an obviously cartoony image, but it is very approachable and has a lovely character.

[image from Imaginary Friends site of a nice Chester Ocampo piece]

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