Thursday, 5 July 2007

Day182 Heroes

Heroes 23
Final ep of Chapter 1 today ( - How to stop an Exploding Man. The great ride that led to this point all came to a head. The heroes continued to fall and the future we have seen glimpses of didnt occur - but things are far from resolved while we wait for Chapter 2 to come our way. I loved lots of the characters - esp Hiro and the voiceover work from Dr Suresh.
With so much death and uncertainly we were never sure who would live or die or where the story would take us. This takes some brave story-telling (esp in this genre) to slaughter the characters as they do to have the story progress and to keep us on the very edge of our seats (literally in my case).
There are pockets of cg effects of course - but they very much play a secondary role to the very real characters whose powers are for the most part very subtle.

[images from the heroes site]

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