Friday, 6 July 2007

Day183 My new MacBookPro arrives

My MacBookPro
YAY - it arrived today in the gorgeous Apple packaging with it clean appearance and all round clarity. I liked the way I was up and running with things in only a few mins - there was just the 1 restart after doing all 6 of the updates in that time - refreshing.
This blog update is coming via the beta of V3 of Safari actually which seems to be doing things sensibly enough, though I had to explicitly turn on the tabs and statusbar etc. With pretty much everything I go to do there is a moment where I dont quite know how to go about things - or where I cant find something. I am not sure why Safari has no home button for just one example amongst many of the minimalist nature of the Mac.
[promo images of the MacBookPros from the Apple site]

The hardware is a delight, it is simply a lovely piece of design and simplicity with clever engineering in all the right places. It feels smooth and the dimensions of the case and screen are spot-on. My mighty mouse goes along very nicely as well and is perhaps a bit extravagant. The power adapter is clever and apart from that there just arent any components at all :-)
I havent played with all the software yet of course, though just playing with Apple's versions of all the system tools and configs is quite fun. iTunes is still somewhat of a mystery - I would like to grab a bunch of trailers through it, but it doesnt seem that simple. I will dive into bootcamp, vista and parallels in the coming days - for now there is plenty of fun to be had on the purely Mac side of the fence.

I like the way I have inline spell checking everywhere I go here in Safari - very cool.
Once I get more of a handle on iTunes I will dive into my 30GB iPod as well. Plus I should try out something graphical...

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