Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Day188 Sketchup & Roboblitz etc

Worked with Russ and Jeremy on importing Sketchup content into the Roboblitz editor and thus the Unreal3 Engine. We have a rough process that works and means to texture and even get the collision volumes required to have rb_destructable objects as well as the static meshes. Using the line collisions gives us most of the functionality we need as far as model content from sketchup goes. Texturing and lighting though arent resolved at all and need more work to start realising he capability of the engine.
The walk around feature in sketchup is actually pretty good for a completely free app (which we love dearly). Even though the Unreal3 engine has so much to offer - as early adopters we are perhaps not getting as much from it as we will n a few months time.

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