Friday, 13 July 2007

Day190 Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Dived in and saw the latest installment to become a movie (very nice site: of the awesome series that is Harry Potter. The book itself is a huge piece of work (that I recall just not being able to put down) spanning some 700+ pages of action, plot, twists and intrigue. Well the movie cant possibly cover all of this and feels very much like a summary of events. Even then we are given a version of affairs that differs from the book in many places.

[a couple of cast images from the order of the phoenix site]
This time even when we get to those sections where the visual medium of film should take over and embelish what we know (as with quiddich and the dragon fight for example) this time they somehow feel rushed. The wizard fights (Dumbledore's office and a the Ministry) somehow just werent what they could have been for me - they felt like they were holding back.
It was great seeing the flashback sequences from the earlier films - seeing the kids growing up is one of te unique elements of the whole thing.
There was more CG in this movie than any before and even when it wasnt front'n'centre the feel of the movie was all CGed to introduce darkeness or mist or funky lighting or backgrounds etc. I think the effects work was very good actually and integrated well with the lighting and characters.


Boot Camp
I set about getting Vista onto this lovely new MacBookPro of mine. Alas my Vista DVD doesnt quite seem to be happy - it just spins away and doesnt get recognised by the bootcamp assistant. Sooo I will have to check that out further and go from there - maybe tomorrow.

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