Monday, 16 July 2007

Day193 E3 Vids

E3 2007 Trailers and Videos
Prompted by some of the snippets I am hearing from E3 ( I thought I would just dive into some of the eye-candy that is on offer from this big event. Their site has heaps of the content trailers right there for us and the likes of youtube have all we could want as well.

I will come back to this for the next few days trolling through the fun.
By way of a teaser - check out this little run down of some anticipated titles:


Mac and Vista
I got Boot Camp ( and then Vista ( and then Parallels3 ( installed on my new MacBookPro today. This was actually kinda fun. I have some things to learn about how parallels does things (like shared areas) and to get the interfaces under control - but in principle it is working like a charm.
I also started installing CS3 (design premium the mac side of the equation (boy is it a monster 6GB of stuff with the fattest application being Acrobat , believe it or not which is almost a GB on its own).

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