Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Day194 E3 and QTVRs

E3 2007
Here are some E3 vids that deserve watching:

Unreal 3
The engine on display here is simply 'unreal' and though the pace of the trailer doesnt allow us to enjoy it as much as it deserves, there is definitive quality/capability on display.
[Unreal Tournament 3 screenshots from their site]

plus make sure you check out this lovely outdoorness using the engine:

Assassin's Creed
This game extends the idea of gaming into what looks like a much more alive environment, the chase sequence is great with the environment and its inhabitants as real parts of the 'puzzle'. The cloth, animations, effects and interactivity is awesome and shows what Ubisoft can do with the new consoles.

The first video shows the pretty fish, crabs and other wildlife while showing us around the game.
[Crysis screenshots from their site]

more in the coming days...


Russ and I worked through getting HL2/GMod locations into the QTVR format. As with all things digital there was far more exploration, experimentation and general complexity to arrive at a result that, while nifty, belies the work done. The process took in at various points Garry's Mod, GCFScape, HL2 and the envmap then GoCubic (plus we went via the mac using MkeCubic as well at one point and various other general tools where appropriate). The end-to-end process is now relatively sane with some restrictions which is good.

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