Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Day195 COFA Welcome and Bags

COFA Welcome
Had my first real taste of COFA ( for my upcoming Masters of Digital Media studies. It was good to meet some fellow students and get around the Padington campus. The staff and students at the College definitely have their own style which is great. The half day of intro has peaked my interest further - cant wait to get started next week. None of the other students who I met today were part-timers like myself though - I can see myself slowly plodding along as all the full-timers zoooom past me :-)

Laptop Bags
Started looking at bags to use in trekking to COFA with the new Mac and other bits'n'pieces. There are some mighty expensive choices out there of course - just have to find the right one with enough bang for my buck.
Some of the companies in the mix:
STM medium evolution:
Brenthaven expandable trek:

[images from STM, Brenthaven and Rushfaster]

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