Thursday, 19 July 2007

Day196 Transformers in 3DWorld and more

3D World Transformers feature article
Got Issue 94 of 3DWold and it sports a good article on the work ILM did for Transformers. The images on show are those we get charging around the web, but they are no less impressive for it. Infact in this format and with the accompanying text we get a good feel for the various levels of the creation of the bots - from the macro dynamic animation rig and overall styling towards the concept work right down to individual textures and mechanical detailing of robotic eyes etc.
Previous blogging on the Transformers back on Day184


Back at COFA today for a little more intro including their IT (mac) system and COFApass etc. Te lab we happened to be in didnt have the latest versions of everything running as I took a little look around - but they are installing several labs of new gear which should be fun. I noted specifically that FormZ is there which will be fun to test-drive!

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