Saturday, 21 July 2007

Day198 Transformers Alex Jaeger

Transformers Art Director Alex Jaeger
continuing my look at the CG giant that is Transformers I checked out the article on Alex Jaeger over at CGSociety ( I like Jaeger's discussion on the detailing the robots for believability and then not having them feel like "walking junk piles". The article has some great images from other projects he has worked on with ILM like Pearl Harbour, Star Wars and Star Trek. I love the idea of the concept artist and taking conceptual and rough ideas to new and greater places. When this logic is applied to movies like Transformers it is great to see - but we can also take this same method through to all manner of other areas in our creative lives.
Jaeger seems to have a dream job realising, designing, creating, imagining and embelishing in multiple media for the amazing projects that come to ILM - awesome.
Check the forum ( where there is some discussion about the bot designs - whether they are clean enough with people expressing views on all sides.

Alex Jaeger also has a nifty (if overly organised) website ( which has a daily sketch section which is fun to look through. Actually it is far more than just fun - the work is full of character which should inspire me to do more sketching!!
Plus he gives us a blog as well right here on blogspot:

[images of Jaeger's work from the CGSociety site]

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