Sunday, 22 July 2007

Day199 Id's Tech 5, TED SPORE and Civ4 expands

Id's Tech 5
Id ( (those mighty folk who brought us Quake, Doom and the like arent sitting still while other heavies bring forth ever more amazing game engines. Id's John Carmack gave us a little peek at the tech at the Mac WWDC where we saw a quite nice dirt style racing track which fluidly transitioned indoors for us where we got a glimpse of some character animation as well (
This OpenGL engine which they love means we will see it on the Mac, PC and a host of consoles no doubt. With the new Intel Macs no doubt making up a decent percentage of the machines being used at various stages of the actual development of game titles - the ability to support the platform seems obvious. If they can get an engine that flows across from one OS to the next - then this has got to be a nice thing.


Spore on TED
The TED site and the inspired talks therein have finally put up Will Wrights talk around SPORE ( Check it out on the TED site ( or via iTunes even.


Civilization IV Beyond the Sword
The latest big expansion for Civ4 has come our way which pushes the game in quite a few directions to make what looks like quite a large suite of changes ( There are a host of extra goodies for later in the game including revised space and UN victory sets.

[a few screenshots from the civ4 site]

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