Monday, 23 July 2007

Day200 Elephants Dream

DAY200 Yippee and my MDM kicks off with my first class tomorrow which seems appropriate.


Elephants Dream
The fully open source movie with Blender at its heart has sparked all manner of interest for a variety of reasons. Elephants Dream ( used a suite of applications to get the job done which are nicely listed on WikiPedia (
This little movie has a great style and detail to draw us into this little world and the production quality doesnt disappoint. The animation has a puppetry or marionette feel which combines with the fantasy of the environment. The production quality, modelling, animation, texturing, lighting, compositing, audio and all the other little bits are all lovingly finished with a unique toolset. Download the full thing in all its glory from their site - all quite impressive really... otherwise check out the youtube version by way of a preview:

The movie gets some nice coverage in my 3DWorld 94 and over at CGSociety ( where they have a little more info including the 125 days of render-time on an impressive rendering array.

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