Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Day202 Game Design and SC

Game Design Group
We had our first gathering of the little game design bunch. Due to some timetabling conflicts we only had 5 to get us started - but that was fine. We all came with some nice perspectives and intent for getting together and towards games and their design in general. We discussed types of games and gaming applications and we all got to see viewpoints on the topic from different schools and areas of the uni.

The most fun was us playing a game designed by Malcolm using play-doh. I wont spoil his thunder by detailing it here - but the design elements were great. (more on this later I hope)


Screen Culture topics
I need to choose a couple of topics for my course that I might take on for a discussion lead/presentation. The ones that look most tempting thus far are:
  • Immediacy, hypermediation, tv and interaction
  • Media, hot, cool and types
  • Interfaces, human/computer interaction, metaphore
I am actually quite excited about taking on some theory like this - should be fun.
So on that note I set aout trying to injest some of the reading :-)

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