Sunday, 29 July 2007

Day206 More Priciples and Maya

Principles of Traditional Animation applied to 3D Animation
This paper by Pixar's John Lasseter [From ACM Computer Graphics, Volume 21, No. 4, July 1987] walks us through the Disney created 12 Principles of Animation while referencing 3D work - in particular Luxo Jr. Link:
This telling doesnt have the same craftsmanship in the wording as the Disney original, but it gives great examples of how these now age-old ideas are required for delivering good animation in 3D as well. The idea of animating transformation-to-transformation in 3D work as opposed to pose-to-pose is interesting and it will be fun to explore this as my course goes along.

The idea of animating with frames that are so exacting is still foreign to me. Even though I had to use this type of thing in Flash, I was never that comfortable with the idea. Here everything is one frame for this, show this for 2 frames past that, dont extend this past a single frame for this reason etc etc. All very frame-centric.

In the last section of this paper he covers 'personality' and the words here seem truly relevant to where my course is heading this session - I will endeavor to apply all of this.

Luxo Jr Peek:


These references would make good follow-ups:

Tricks to Animating Characters with a Computer, also from the mighty John Lasseter this time from SIGGRAPH 1994 (

How to Succeed in Animation by Gene Deitch is a different type of paper from SIGGRAPH 2001 this time - see chapter 4 for reference to the 12 principles. (

Luxo Jr dates back from 1986 and this little site shows off a bunch of landmarks either side of that:

[still from Pixar's Luxo Jr. short, image from the jpatch site]

Working through the tutorials - making the helmet is very nifty.


Other things touched on today included rebuilding my notebook, watching X-Men2, and enjoying having an iPod out on my bike. Actually it would be good if I found some 3D related info to listen to - I was hoping that my lectures would actually be available this way .

Note to self - go watch ALL the pixar shorts!!

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