Monday, 30 July 2007

Day207 Maya, Animation and Big Screens

Maya Tutes
When I first heard that modelling in things like Maya could all be done starting with a simple primative like a cube I was pretty inspired. The helmet tutorial walks us through a nice example of exactly that - starting with just a cube we end up with this - very cool. The high res proxy of the simpler mesh is a nifty concept.

[screenshot of my helmet tutorial towards the end]

I started the nurbs tutorials as well and they are fun.



Luxo Jr.
First off, I downloaded the Luxo Jr. animation (for a price I might add) from the iTunes store. At least I have this little gem now and it is great to show this to people (on the iPod even) as a wonderful trip down memory lane and a wakeup-call for just how amazing it was fr us to see this way back in 1986! {tips hat to Pixar}

Tricks to Animating Characters with a Computer
By Pixar's John Lasseter as presented at SIGGRAPH 1994
This article extends from the previous one quite nicely and adds a few ideas around story telling and thinking characters that are insightful. I can see that getting all these elements to gel successfully is no mean feat, where teensie little errors make the whole thing fail - eek.


Big Screen
More casual demos of the big 46" touch screen today, since it is running off my M90 laptop I even get to check my mail on this bohemouth which is definitively overkill. The notion of working from a huge screen like this is only foreign as we havent been exposed to the idea and have become accustomed to computers having little screens. Why shouldnt we have screens the size of walls and visions laid out before us rather than layered in windows.
I am giving a more formal demo on Wednesday and perhaps another on Friday - should be fun.


Apple Screen Capture
This page has the Mac screen capture built-in basics:
In summary form:
Command-Shift-3 >> capture full screen to desktop
Command-Shift-4 >> capture selection to desktop
Ctrl-Command-Shift-3 >> capture full screen to clipboard
Ctrl-Command-Shift-4 >> capture selection to clipboard


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