Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Day208 COFA and the Panel

For The Birds
When I was grabbing Luxo Jr. I couldnt help grabbing "For the Birds" as well. I got it from iTunes as well, but there is also info over on the Pixar site (http://www.pixar.com). I had somehow seen this one somewhere many moons ago and it is a great more modern reference for me. Th
e little birds explore plenty of human social qualities with a fun/goofy mask.

[screengrab from my copy of For the Birds]


Maya Class

We went through some of the concepts of Texture Space today in my 3D class. The UV stuff makes more sense now and I am keen to get onto the texture tute now.


Screen Culture
Another tutorial of setting up really - but I did end up with a Presentation in Week 5 on 'Remediation' or the reuse of media ideas into newer media as they evolve. This could be tricky as this is the same week as my Maya Project 1 - eeek. Plus I have a response to do in week 7 on the Military History of the Computer Screen.


Screen Demo
We had more bunches of people through the office again today exploring the screen and how software feels at this scale and with the touch as well. I am setting up a more formal demo of the tech for Friday morning which I should prepare for better.
Speaking of which I said I would give a demo for Deano's multi-media class tomorrow afternoon as well. This is my current plan as to what to cover:
  • Introduce self
  • Scope (environment, hardware, software, future)
  • Detail, Opportunity (current state, pinup vs digital, IT penetration)
  • Digital Studio (teaching, reference, presentation, discussion, jury, review, exhibition)
  • Hardware description
  • Software on the panel (powerpoint, web, sketchup x2, google earth -> 3D)
  • 3D game engine tech - current state (HL2-Fallingwater, Garry's Mod x 2)
  • Future of 3D Crysis, Unreal3 and more
  • Panel - interactivity change - reference to multimedia and interface design.
should be fun.

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