Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Day209 Screen Demo and Project Brief

Screen Demo
I gave a demo to Deano's Multimedia class (Director) and it was fun showing them all the fun that can be had and the potential of not only the hardware medium, but also where the software leading edge can be found. I hope they took away some of the thinking around how interface design on a touch sensitive huge screen could be different or explored.
I was good to see the student perspective on the tech as well - big staff demo tomorrow for contrast...


Maya Project 1 Brief
Got the brief for our Camera Matching and Compositing project. It came with 3 examples and shows that there will be plenty of design, learning and work (lotsa work) in the coming weeks. I have always been intrigued by compositing as a concept as well as multipass rendering - well now I will get the chance to do the real thing. The result is a still, so no animation required, but I will still need to deliver a complex model.
Now to start thinking of ideas - hmmmm
  1. A little creature living amongst a tangle of IT cabling
  2. A lightbulb creature
  3. A paintbrushy creature
  4. A combo of 1 and 2
  5. A creature getting zapped by an electrical device
  6. A potato-man scared of a potato peeler
actually I kinda like several of these already - time to start sketching...

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