Thursday, 2 August 2007

Day210 McLuhan Williams and Proj ideas

Screen Culture = McLuhan and Williams
Anna's lecture today covered quite a bit of Marshall McLuhans ideas today. His ideas are somewhat hard to latch onto, perhaps that is just me after struggling through the first reading which was all his words - yikes. The third reading covered hid ideas in contrast to Williams and being a third party suite of authors was much better going than McLuhans heavily academic minefield of text. It is certaily interesting to see McLuhan and Williams positions which have been at opposite ends of a debate - and yet amongst us MDM students afterwards our colective reading is that both approaches come together quite nicely in the middle for us...
I am looking forward to the tute next week to flesh this out.

I did start doing my Mediation reading for week 5 as well - eek.


3D Project Ideas
I took some time to think through some ideas for project 1 and 2 for the 3D Maya course. Though was (and should be) concentrating on ideas for Project 1, some of them may be better suited to the full animation to come at the end.
Some newer ideas:
  • Eggcup dude with crack for a mouth and a spoon for attitude
  • The potato peeler thing - kitchen setting
  • Sink thing - bathroom sink, creaure holding aloft the retrieved hairs - nice reflective settng, and pretty funny
  • The Parisite - this should be very funny - a Paris Hilton ( loving creature gleefully tearing another paris article from a mag for his collection. This one has some modelling fun and the texture UV work on the magazine and creature. Coffee table setting perhaps also. What expression should the 'creature' have? How manic should it be and should it be lumpy and soft or more robotic in nature maybe almost like a living piece of media (a media junky)...
    Lots of commentary going on here - should go down well...

[Paris Pics from her myspace page - just to show how much pop culture could be shown here]

My idea for the cable tanglers also got some fleshing out as well. Now we have 3, one lightbulb, one speaker and 'the third' from whose perspective we see the manic fun the others have in tangling cables. This mix gives us the nervous newby perspective and at the same time the fun of the others (including lighting and sound effects galore).

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