Saturday, 4 August 2007

Day212 MDM Goals, Maya and Readings

MDM Goals
In the introductory parts of the MDM I found myself talking about what I was aiming to get from the program and indeed more specifically from individual courses like the 3D Maya course. This is where I find myself:

To build a suite of understanding and capability empowering my ongoing contribution in the creative nexus of visualisation, narrative, design and gaming.
The thematic flavouring of this nexus in the fields of research, education, application and then entertainment is the goal.

Another more specific goal that is forming for me starts with the idea visualisation in and around the Architectural arena has a very functional feel. Approaching this same thing with the ideas of narrative, mood, meaning, cinematics and such should enhance this field and will be great to be a part of.


Maya Project
Worked through soe more sketch ideas for the Parisite composite idea - lotsa fun modelling opportunities hidden in a myriad of sketches.

I also started to look for reference material for the compositing part of the project as I know bugger-all about that - apart from some shaky base logic.
This link from Digital-Tutors covers the Use Background Shader and compositing into photoshop. The video tute covers the ground very quickly, but the basics look simple and very powerful indeed. I wonder if it will actually be this simple Perhaps I am underselling just how nifty this actually is - check it out:

[image from the digital tutors site]


Screen Culture Reading
Not the fastest text to read through, but I like this little quote so far:
"...twin preoccupations of contemporary media: the transparent presentation of the real and the enjoyment of the opacity of media themselves" Bolter and Grusin 2000.

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