Sunday, 5 August 2007

Day213 Little Mermaid and more MDMing

The Little Mermaid
Yes, I actually watched this twice today no less ( It is definitively a children's story - yet as with any fairytale it has some resonance for us all if we decide to see it. My enjoyment at seeing the DVD ( came from several directions. First, having not seen it for such a long time - there was some nostalgia there for sure. The movie as a whole is nice - very nice - and is a real signature piece for Disney in a genre that they really own. How many little girls just love the suite of fantasy films they have produced, this one being right up there in their favourites no doubt.
The animation is excellent in many parts of the film and with some early effects work as well is quite lovely to watch. Ariel is gorgeous in several scenes and her flowing hair is a great touch and rather hypnotic to watch actually. Sebastian has the most animated expressions and he exhibits the 12 principles most emphatically. This all came to life for us some 20 years ago now (which is why the new release) - boy does time fly. With new underwater effects on show from ILM, this great little tale can still hold its head up high.
The special features I have yet to explore in much depth - but the Making of the Little Mermaid reveals a wealth of info from the inside. Indeed it reveals how significant this little film was!

[stills from the film from]


More reading about Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Mediation - cool.
Plus some more work on possible Maya project ideas in the sketchbook.

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