Monday, 6 August 2007

Day214 Maya Nurbs & Afterworld

Maya Nurbs Tute and Project
worked through the last of the Maya Nurbs tute today - simple tute to work through though actualy deriving benefit from this will take some time. Whenever I charge off to do something myself it is far from second nature to find what I need so far.

One new idea for the Project 1 modelling task could be to make an oinkfrog :-)
see my MillionMasterpiece square:
The One Million Masterpiece Arts Project
that would be pretty fun - but I would need to build in enough complexity to make it viable hmmm. Maybe I could complexify him/her with a theme - say a cowboy/cowgirl or a painter (to add the paint interacting with the scene back into the mix)
The logic of he/she painting itself into the frame could be cute.


Premiere of Afterworld ( today on Sci-Fi. Hmmm it was very short indeed - they seem to expect me to watch each day which isnt going to happen. It felt like watchng a trailer. The styling has very limited animation in very much a poser-like feel. It reminds me of the way alot of Manga gets away with simple pans, slides and zooms rather than animating...

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