Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Day215 MDM and Boujou

MDM Week3 begins
Screen Culture today was all about the famous Marshall McLuhan and a handful of his theory in tute format. I am finding the theory side of media quite interesting so far. I am still working through my reading for week 6 on Remediation.

Maya today was interesting - seeing Will quickly run through some poly modelling against some sketches he made of a little character he had designed. He also ran through a heap of issues with respect to inserting 3D content into photographed scenes. This and some more serious character modelling are a task for the week that I am really itching to get onto now.


Boujou v4
Following up on the art/craft of camera matching I thought I would check out the site of Boujou made by 2d3 (http://www.2d3.com/). The software is a plugin for Maya offering some spectacular capability to integrate 3D into live motion footage. Their showreel unveils some nice examples of the idea (http://www.2d3.com/html/products/boujou4_examples.html). It doesnt look like they have an educational or training version and the real deal is kinda expensive unless you are doing real production - oh well.

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