Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Day216 Maya character modelling

Ant Online Maya Character Modelling Tute
Will put us onto this tute on Antony Wards site ( for character modelling using polys in Maya of a superheroine. Ant's site is very nice and shows off some quite excellent pieces of modelling some of which are shown here. These examples are all using Maya, but some of his more recent ones are using Silo which I will have to look into and he does mention the likes of mudbox.

[images from Ant's webpage]

Ant also has a blogger page as well ( which reveals yet more goodies. As his blog chronicles his projects we can see the characters evolve and get an insight into the process, tools, applications and changes he makes along the way.

The tute we are doing for the class is:

I got a little way through this today and was enjoying the process. Alas when I got to the point of joining and splitting etc I was all at sea - time to review the helmet tute.

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