Thursday, 9 August 2007

Day217 MDM, Maya and 3D proteins

MDM Screen Culture
We watched 'Images of the World, Inscription of War' by Harun Farocki today. It was tough going in some ways and the theory on display was pretty deep. The threads of war, media, data, numbers, surveillance, vision and more are tough to pin down. More reading required if I am going to get to the bottom of all this.
I also finished my reading for week5 on Remediation and specifically the analysis by Mark Andrejevic of reality tv and its link with the internet usage and more. This was written in 2003 - toda he would be armed with much more I am sure. (this blog actually being a good example).


Working through the superheroine poly modelling tute - all was working much better today. Though I am still kinda slow at some aspects - at least they were working. By the end of the day I still only had a rudimentary model - but it was at least progress.


3D Molecule Viewer at Med
We went to see a demo of a simple setup in medicine at UNSW which allowed us to view with 3D glasses complex moleculular structures. The proteins we got to play with are nice to visualise this way as we arent experienced in seeing structures like these. Though you can get a pretty good feel for them just by being able to manipulate the view onscreen - with the glasses they realy pop out and the effect is far more exacting.

The application of such things to the design visualisation area is obvious, though our human visual system is quite experienced at 'seeing' 3D spaces, thus we can interpret the flat 3D images of spaces on screen quite well even without the actual 3D effect. That said it would be nice to reinforce the 3D nature of the environments being designed with something like this tech.
The other side of the equation is the adaption of tools and techniques used in the design disciplines towards areas like chemistry and molecular biology - even more general medicine and anatomy (the 3D game engines for example).

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