Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Day223 CGsphere, Maya modelling & 3D Awards

Through our 3D class I was introduced to this little gem of a site ( The idea is that people take this standard scene with just a sphere in it and then model/render up something for all to see. This is a nice community way to get people together with the wide array of software and styles into a nice closed set of parameters to show where the industry is sitting. Anyhow a picture truly tells a thousand words - so here are a few that caught my eye:

[4 images/entries from the cgsphere site]


Maya Modelling
Well since I am going to model up some toy related things for the compositing project I thought I would play with the good old chess piece first up as as a use of nurbs surfaces. Well this isnt quite as simple as I thought either and my material control is pretty aweful thus far. Anyhow as a test this shows promise for days to come though modelling will need to do something nifty if I am going to do a King or Queen.

[test image of chess piece]

Online Maya Chesswork: I was hoping to find zillions of online tutes for the making of chess pieces in Maya - alas it seems not to be the case. When I have another bash at glass I will have to refer to sites like this or this or this or this to help me get it under control.

Plus I did come across this fun chessy CG image on deviantART ( - it should inspire me further! This image works well today as well as the spherical nature links nicely with the cgsphere pics above.

[image from deviantART site]


Architectural 3D Awards
Following up on my looking at CGArchitect - they have their 2007 winners for the 4th Architectural 3D Awards (
The site gives us the awesome 'still' and 'animation' category winners which certainly set the bar nice and high for the budding Arch Comp students here at uni. It does validate the entire enterprise however and show that the visualisation arm of ArchComp has lots to offer still.
Realtime visualsation isnt covered - obviously we havent come that far as yet. Plus the less glamorous things like BIM and modelling dont get a look in.
Look around hte site in detail to take in the animation and even winners from previous years.
I love the narrative feel of some of the animations - a far cry from nice digestible fly-throughs.

[3 images of the 'still' winners from the cgarchitect site for the 3dawards]

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