Friday, 17 August 2007

Day225 More Modelling and Online Community

My Maya Modelling
More modelling in Maya today. Managed to get my bishop looking ok, though I would have liked to get a nice little curve on the slot - but that just wasnt working for me. The finished piece is still nurbs which is good. and with the darker wood should go with the pawn nicely (actually I think I will make the pawn much lighter in the end to get the contrast up.

[image of the bishop ready for compositing into the table scene in a few days time]

This is my attempt at the knight - perhaps the most complex of the chess pieces. I started by converting the bishop to polys then removed the top and edited the base. To build the horses head I started with a nice squished poly cylinder and then manipulated it somewhat like the supergirl tutorial.

[image of the knight under construction]
Here we are a little further along - enough for today anoyhow. The shape is coming together now and armed with more polygons under command the detail is starting to come.

[another work in progress image of my knight]


Online Community Thinking
One of the interesting things happening here in FBE this session is Russell's first year class using Sketchup and realtime engines for their design work. Apart from the interesting work on the application side - what has evolved online is really very nice. Each student and tutor has a blogger page and the tutors link to each other and to each of their students. The result is a very nice navigational 'web' around the various peoples work, thinking and resources. The result has been far better than anticipated I think - and even in its infancy was showing not only potential but real value. The students 'work in progress' is still presented in this format and isnt just brought along to class - very nice work from any of them as well who arent being held back by the technical content.
If we start at Russell's blogger page ( we can then explore to our hearts content. The work being done is just gorgeous - but it is all the better for the fact that it is up for us to see - infact everyone to see and it has some freedom and endurance around its independence.


My nifty little 30GB iPod went all silly today and was stuck on the "Do Not Disconnect" screen. It was even stuffing up my Mac startup. No big issue in the end, I just followed these instructions to reset it ( I am wondering if it was something to do with Vista under Parallels that confused it???


Lego Youtube Fun
Just for entertainment everyone should check out videos like this one:

There are other lego things in the youtube world as well - explore and enjoy!

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