Saturday, 18 August 2007

Day226 SMASH! and Mayarising

The Sydney Manga and Anime Show/Convention was on today at UNSW's Roundhouse ( I am glad I took sime time to head over and see the fun - in fact it would have been good if I could have spent longer ad got more involved.

[banner pic from the SMASH site]
There was plenty of fun filling up the roundhouse with cosplay in all directions and artistic endeavour revealed and honoured. I saw lots of people (artists and visitors) sketching and colouring - quite inspiring. One of the main stage event saw 4 artists creating images on Cintiq and Intuos Wacom tablets. They had a random set of words drawn from a bag of balls which ended up being 'tentacles', 'vampires' and 'love'. The results were very impressive given that they had only 20 mins and it was fun seeing them work with the tech so fluidly (in fact they use it very much like physical media in many ways - one even used blue sketchework first).

There was an interesting little panel session by Greg Whiley who has been in the Aussie gaming industry for a long time now working on all the Warlords titles with SSG. He talked about how to get into the gaming industry and what might be involved in how to get a game idea up. He was rather critical of the companies that control the industry and stressed that everyone should protect their IP (or at least get value for it). He covered briefly the logic of using Modding as a way to prove capability.

W. Chen Chan (Chewey) had the next panel in this room covering Storyboarding. He had worked on the boards for Superman Returns and Happy Feet (I will have to see if Will knows him).


Maya Modelling Continues
Actually only got a bit of the modelling done today - but here is where I am on the Knight.

[work in progress pic of my knight]

I did some work on my Screen Culture seminar coming up in 2 weeks. I created a page on my GooglePages site which I have started to populate with examples and structure:

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