Sunday, 19 August 2007

Day227 Maya, Remediation and snippets

Maya Modelling
Got the main of the Knight done and completed the missing head sections. I still dont have the hang of the smoothing though - over most of the figure the polys render beautifully, but in others the faces show clearly. Around the eye and in a few other areas I need to do some fixing before I can mirror and then join too the base.
In some views the eye centre and 2 bands of faces are transparent - mighty odd.
Anyhow this is where we stand another day along:

[render of the WIP for the knight]


Remediation Tutorial Work
I sent quite a bit of time today hunting down content to illustrate my coming tute on Remediation. I think the Sin City example should work out well and building the whole thing in GooglePages is quite fun:


In looking around for things, one comes across all manner of amazing things:

David Attenborough's Lyre Bird Documentary Clip
With docos there can always be surprises - but this is quite amazing, make sure you watch all the way through :-)

Jumanji Movie
I watched the Jumanji ( DVD today, the effects are actually rather impressive considering the film came out in 1995 - that is 12 years ago! The idea (from the book) and realisation in film are top notch here - ekelent.

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