Monday, 20 August 2007

Day228 Snowdome

Maya Snowdome Modelling
I did a nice cute little sketch of a snowdome and it looks like a good little project for modelling in Maya. It has some nice materials (plastic, glass, water, snow) and effects (bubbles, label etc).

This is WIP at the very beginning showing the revolved curves into sub-divs. Not sure if I will stay with the subdivs yet - but for now they are great. I have made the glass as 2 layers so far, but I may have to regenerate the geometry from the curves if they need to be linked.

[screenshot of the basic shape in place for the dome, base and feet]

Next I played with some basic materials to check if I was on the right track. This image shows my application of the glass from this tutorial by .KernKraft. ( The way I have made the glass might need some 'normal' work - this render is set to ignore normals and looks rather nice.

[WIP screenshot of a nice empty snowdome]

To finish up for the night I started on the snowman and got this far with some pretty simple poly primatives and basic manipulations of them. I think its going very well and has a nice character that matches the sketch. It still needs a little more posing, sizing and trimming to the base and texturing - all of which should be fun.

[WIP screenshot of the snowman to go in the dome]

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