Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Day229 MDM and Camera Matching

Todays Screen Culture tute covered Digital Cinema and there were plenty of nice movie references about the room - it was good to see more of the group joining in. I am up next week so I will have to get my literature content under control to support the examples I am collecting.
The 3D Foundation class covered a host of topics again, particularly around render layers and compositing in photoshop. On the way we passed ideas like GI and light domes, beauty and other passes, render layers, ambient occlusion, presets in Maya for render passes, alpha channels, selection sets in photoshop, using multiply and screen, un-pre-multiplied rendering and more.


My camera matching in Maya
As part of the 3D course Project 1 submission we need to camera match and composit to place our modelling work into the scene as believably as possible. So after inserting my 'cow' image into Maya and then setting up the scene, camera (including position and angles), gates, resolution and imageplane and just a little tweaking I end up here - which isnt too bad at all:

[WIP image of the camera match of the toy table showing the table plane and reference box to match the DVDs]

And just a bit more effort later I am bringing in models - then I can start to play with lighting and rendering and more:

[WIP composit scene in Maya, now with chess pieces]

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