Thursday, 23 August 2007

Day231 MDMing

The Screen Culture lecture was fun today - we spend half the time watching Outfoxed which is a rather chilling doco about Fox news. I think this would make a good target for my critical review actually as it not only paints a fun picture, but adopts an interesting array of persuasive elements of its own. There was plenty of coverage of both Digital Cinema and then Remediation as well - quite a packed lesson. In thinking afterwards I came up with a nice new possible direction for my presentation on Tuesday as well - should be fun.

Maya Modelling
I tested quickly running render passes out using different light sets which should hopefully give me enough control over things during compositing to match the lighting up.

Then back onto some modelling, first finishing off the knight. I am certainly not fully happy with how the smoothness turned out thus far - but it kinda works. I forgot to play with the 'normal angle' though - back to that another time.

[screengrab of the knight under construction - well finished for right now perhaps]

Next I went back to the snowdome - though I am unsure if it will be possible for me to integrate this realistically - but it could be worth a try. So after just a little more work it looks like this - I am having fun with this one so far. I still need to pose the snowman properly, add a UV label on the front and add all the floaty snow of course.
So far it consists of revolved curve profiles for the base and dome shells into nurbs with 4 simple cylindrical feet. Then I created the blue plastic and followed the online tute for creating MentalRay glass. The snowman is 3 poly spheres and bunches of cylinders to make up the hat and limbs. The eyes are squashed spheres and the mouth a circle lofted around a curve. The snow texture and some simple colour work brought snowy to life. The snowy ground was another squashed poly sphere which I then played with the vertices to make some uneven ground - I may need accentute this step.

[WIP of the snowdome now sporting very happy snowman]

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