Saturday, 25 August 2007

Day233 Compositing and Sin City

Maya to Photoshop Compositing
Well, after bringing all the passes (and a few extras once I realised I needed more shadow control) I had all the layers and selection sets in photoshop to get the compositing to match as closely as I could my starting image.
Working with a set of layers (a beauty pass, several for shadows, an ambient and specular pass and some duplicates to control depth) I had the basic lighting looking pretty right. Merging the CG layers together I had to manipulate the set as a whole to get a final it:
_Gaussian Blur of 0.3 to match the less than sharp image.
_Added Noise of 1.5%, uniform, monochromatic to match the image grain
_Changed a little Curves to flatten out the highlights and get the intensity to match

I have seen it suggested for when working on digital art to use a b/w version to check things. IT was mentioned in class that we could do the same here as well and it does help to work through saturation, contrast and such.

Here is the final image, followed by a b/w version and the base and the CG layer - cool huh :-)

[the 4 final images showing how the composit goes together]


Sin City
Inspired by its relevance to my Screen Culture course I grabbed the DVD today. Sin City ( is a truly inspired cinematic rendition of the mighty graphic novel by Frank Miller. Rodgriguez and Miller bring a unique feel to the screen empowered by an amazing cast, clever use of cinematic/CG effects and the illustrations themselves.
The experience is dark, extremely violent and disturbing - if it is meant to reflect on our culture then that says rather too much.

Check out these two images, the first from the comic and the second from the film - this shows how the novels inspired specific shots as well as the look.

[Panel to Screen examples from]


By way of contrast I took the time earlier in the day to watch Shrek2 on DVD. The quality on display here in the CG landscape is grand indeed. Things like the hair, lighting, animation, effects - the list goes on really. Donkey is a riot as we know and I just love the idea of Sleeping Beauty - makes me laugh everytime (Repunzel's mansion is clever as well). Sequences like the ride to Far Far Away, the dinner, the red carpet walk, the meeting of Puss'n'boots are quite simply movie classics. THe editing (or is that storyboarding for a CG film) is something to study in more depth.

[scene from Shrek2 from]

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