Sunday, 26 August 2007

Day234 Remediation and Logbooking

Remediation presentation work
I worked a fair it on my upcoming presentation on Remediation (from Bolter and Grusin's book) and in turn Immediacy, Hypermediation and then onto Reality TV.
I have come up with an interesting question where I am questioning B&G's placement of Immediacy and Hypermediation within Remediation, wereas I think we could see them as a troika of concepts with which to examine media and their use. Should be fun to see this play out in the tute anyhow.
I have been building the entire set of notes on my googlepages site:


Logbook for 3D
One of the components for the 3D MAYA project is a logbook covering the process, work, readings and explorations taken over these first 6 weeks. I am building it within googlepages as well and having this blog arms me with lots of content. I tested saving the file off to a local version and that should let me submit things (for 3D and SC).

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