Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Day236 Remediation Presentation and 3D Submission

Screen Culture: Remediation Presentation
I gave my presentation today and it went very well. It hummed along with plenty of interaction so we didnt get through heaps of the content I prepared actually. We got through Immediacy, Hypermediacy, their union and some Remediation. The examples were fun to go through and I am glad I spent enough time preparing for it.
Later this week the take-home-exam arrives and in a couple of weeks I have a role as a Respondent for a talk about screen history and the military.

3D Camera Match Submission
Handed in the Maya Project 1 which I am happy with as well. It was lotsa work getting this far in just the 5 weeks. We each spent a few minutes showing the class what we had produced (some people are really struggling). It is really interesting seeing the different strengths people bring to the class, which will make project 2 (in teams) a nifty experience as well. I was kinda hoping to get at least a moment to catch my breath, but we have story idea submissions for next week and then lots more to come.
Will showed us some examples of the 15 second animations done last year and there is certainly plenty to learn and implement before week14!! Some of them mastered individual parts of the whole, but the best were obviously those that brought the whole package together.

So our little team now needs to work on ideas for the animation. Comedic moments much like a skit are an obvious way to go.

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