Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Day237 SIGGRAPH 2007 and some story ideas

I havent got around to having a look at the fun that always come from SIGGRAPH ( each year. So I figured its tie to check out what the cutting-edge had to offer in 2007.

CGSociety took the effort to diarise their experience at SIGGRAPH2007 at (that is Paul Hellard, Barabara Robertson, Renee Dunlop and friends). I will walk through their experience and pick out some of the interesting bits:
Autodesk's aquisition of Skymatter and thus Mudbox was news of course. The giant also unveiled the newer versions 3Ds Max 2008 and Maya 2008 and Motionbuilder 2.5. They also announced their 'masters' recipients for this year, I should check up on these guys to see what they are all about (yes, all guys, no girls in the group).
Toon Boom (the software used to create the Simpsons movie) sounds interesting.
Happy Feet got plenty of attention and their pipeline seems worth looking into further (maybe checking in with Will)
The industry seems strong, with jobs a-plenty in many areas. Check this quote from their writeup of the Wednesday "Digital Domain needs around, yes, 100 people – digital matte painters, tracking artists, compositors, flame compositors, roto artists, previz artists, TDs, software and pipeline engineers. They have three big films coming up: Speed Racer, Mummy 3, and Benjamin Button." The thing that stands out for me here is the specificity of the roles they are after - definatively NOT just a 3D-dude :-)
Massive is something I should check out in more detail, it is evolving and seems to inspire all who see it in action.

Videos of the event
More words wont really show of the advancements being made as well as the stunning work being done with what we already have - just check out these:

The Softimage presentation is also on Youtube for us - I should look more at where these guys are going they take such a back seat compared to Max and Maya. (This is just part one of many btw - plenty to see)

A more academic link of note:
SIGGRAPH Papers on the Web:


Story/Animation Ideas
With our initial story concept due for our animation project on Tuesday I started to look at ideas, either for characters, looks, comedic ideas etc that we could use. With just 15 seconds to play with there is only room for a single strong idea. In that time we need characters, situation, buildup and then the punchline.
Some things that are worth exploring are playing with our medium, toy with colour, polygons, rendering (to grey for example), the fourth wall etc.
here are a few sketches from today :

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