Saturday, 1 September 2007

Day240 C&Cday and 15 second videos

The 3D stands went well at our UNSW Courses and Careers Day, with people getting to see final year Architecture students using engines like Garry's Mod to build Architectural pieces. I did see one guy turn up (young potential student perhaps) that could wield Garry's Mod wonderfully. He took on the new elements in the library creating interesting spaces and connections at break-neck speed.


I tried to get a start on my take-home-exam as well - but that just want happening today...
We watched Batman Forever (the Kilmer, Lee-Jones, Carrey one) and it is quite a blast in a completely candy-cinema kinda way.


15 Second videos
Since we are to create a 15 second masterpiece for 3D I thought I would throw that number into Google to see what came up. Well it seems there have been all manner of 15 second video contests etc.
15 Second Film Festival : Yep, its as simple as that really. Their site is and sports plenty of examples to perhaps inspire.
Youtube has this compilation which makes life easier:

FJORG at SIGGRAPGH : 15 seconds+ of animation in just 32 hours: and it is even better (not to mention 3D generated). Some nice little ideas and some great realisations considering the time constraint.

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