Sunday, 2 September 2007

Day241 Story Ideas Meeting & SC

3D Animated Story Ideas
Had a good story ideas meeting with the team today. We brainstormed a large suite of ideas brought together from all three of us. We liked a good many of them and were all throwing in variations and expansions of ideas. We ended up abandoning a host of great concepts: grey and coloured characters getting it together; snooker ball date; particles who wont be swept into the pan; virtual revenge on 3D artist; characters on a drop ride; punkerella - half ballerina and rocker; seasick and the albatross; burp battle; painting argument ending in union; movie sequence re-enactment and many more. (hmmm listing them like that doesnt do them justice)
Anyhow, we worked together to flesh out an idea of using the Mac vs PC commercials but using 2D and 3D as the characters. This allows us to play with not only a very cute format (the ads) but also have fun with some stereotyping of 2D and 3D work. After working through a range of ideas we settled on using a comparison of their girlfriends as the plot (little 2D sketch vs a voluptuously sexy 3D babe). Next step is to write up the whole thing and detail up the characters and their respective looks.
The 2D character was inspired by these sketches I made - though he may change for the final.

[early sketches of 2D paper character ideas]

One of the fun things about the meeting was seeing some good brainstorming in action. Ideas kept coming and things stayed very positive while ideas evolved and gained more depth with the 3 of us working together. Each of us could draw of nice examples from media of various forms to give flesh to ideas which was fun. In fact the final story ended up being a rather nice blend of many of the bits we liked from the full range of ideas we all brought along to the meeting.
If the team can work together this well for the rest of the project we should end up with a great product and have a great time along the way.


Screen Culture
finished up re-referencing my Remediation Presentation good to get that out of the way.

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