Monday, 3 September 2007

Day242 Animation Story

3D Animation Story
After our discussion yesterday, we all agreed to head off a write up our version of the story and a brief description of the characters (maybe even some visual reference).
The story:
  • Scene opens with 2D (paper-like character with 2D animated face) standing to right of frame holding picture of girlfriend (very stick figure cartoon that she is)
  • 3D (simple but definitively 3D, similar look to 2D) enters from left of screen
  • "Hi 3D, how are you going?", "Good thanks 2D, what have you got there"
  • "This is my girlfriend" 3D looks and says "She's nice" somewhat uncertainly.
  • "You should meet my girlfriend, here she comes"
  • Both look to left of screen, 3D proudly, 2D in awe.
  • 3D girl enters (gorgeous, curvy, sultry, sexy - newer 3D feel but still stylised)
  • "Hi babe, this is 2D"
  • She heads over to 2D and pinches his cheek (holding the side of his paper)
  • "arent you cute"
  • She then circles around him once tracing her hand across his chin
  • As she circles he follows to a point and we see how truly 2D he is in comparison
  • She then heads back to 3D and then head off screen together pinching each other on the butt
  • we are left with 2D who is still dumbstruck (perhaps a little depressed as well)
  • His hand holding the picture of his girl slowly slides down and he finally drops her
hmm I wonder if 2D should be on the left like PC is, hmmm

2D: old school, simple, feels inadequate, but still likes where he comes from and has character
3D: young, cocky, cool, confident, flashy, overt
3Dbabe: hot, stylish, playful, self assured, sexy

Character Sketches: (2D)

Reference clip Mac vs PC
These ads are so cute (well I find them frustrating in many ways) but they are funny, cute, clever and endlessly parodied. Here are some of my favourites.
The Virus one:
The Bloat one:
The Pie Chart one:
The Network one:
The Upgrade one:
The Cancel/Allow one:
The Touche one:
The Spyware one:

[Mac vs PC holiday girl advert clip as loaded onto YouTube]


Worked on my Screen Culture take home exam a little as well (half way there)

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