Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Day243 The Cold Rush

The Cold Rush
There is an excellent article on CGSociety on a short film by four French graduating students called The Cold Rush (http://features.cgsociety.org/cgfilms/cgfilm.php?story_id=4227). The short took the team one and half years and looks to have stretched all their skills to deliver a product of such class. It is quite inspiring to see that a small team like this can create magic - it doesnt take a huge budget with 300 specialists and the writing of new code and massive renderfarm resources.
The full movie is available from the article (plus through the student's site) and there is much fun to be had. Because of the snowy setting and the bear it reminds me a little of the World of Warcraft Trailer. There is alot of control shown here across the full spectrum of making a piece like this - I cant wait to be able to create things like this.

[3 images from the CGSociety article showing the creation of models for The Cold Rush]


We presented our story concept at the 3D class and it was apparent that our idea is just too long. We have already started looking at ways to tell the same tale by stripping it all back to the minimal essence of what we have planned. With 15 seconds and some clever editing and use of the opening and closing we should have our story told and still get all 3 characters animated. We are keen to use the Maya tools for modelling and animation like the deformers and particularly blend shapes (Will showed us a few pieces of both today and they do look very cool).
Will strongly suggested we watch the entire series of Hollywood Camera Work, the DVDs are in the COFA Library for us and they did look extremely helpful from the snippet we saw.
Over the next week we need to build our character bios and a full set of story boards. This shoul dbe fun as our characters are interesting and our storyboards have a fun tale to illustrate.

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